The most popular city for shopping

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If you like shopping, you can find a solution to one of these big cities. Although each city has shopping centers, these cities are known for their vast selection, prices, and atmosphere. Each city is selected for its collection, ease of payment and environment. Find the best clothes, accessories and more
Moreover, there are those who leave the city in search of the best buy.


1. Mexico:

It’s one of our favorite travel destinations and one of the few goals where we can see each other while we live long-term. Varied and tasty meals (although not very healthy), friendly local people, world-class beaches, all the comforts expected and the natural vibrations make Mexico the place where we return again and again. At the time of writing this text, the US dollar was worth 19.6 pounds, which is incredible. When we traveled here in 2014, the dollar was worth £12.8, and we even thought the value was excellent.

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2. Colombia:

The same among our favorite countries where we have been. Friendly people, incredibly untouched and exuberant jungles, impressive Spanish colonial cities and beautiful beaches, Colombia is the dream of travelers. This means that everything in Colombia is an excellent value for travelers. Whether you visit the dollar, the pound, the euro, the yen or the yuan, Colombia is now a better solution than ever before.

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3. Bulgaria:

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  1. Although the country has been a valuable asset to travelers for decades, the recent decline of the Bulgarian market in the global market means that Bulgaria now has an even better value than a few years ago.
    When the account finally arrived, we thought there was an error or that we misinterpreted it in our double vision. That night, we paid less than $30 for this account, and we still do not know how. Excellent deals continued across Bulgaria, with charming hostel rooms in 200-year-old buildings costing just $20 a night and bottles of wine in restaurants rarely exceeding $8.
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