Top ten countries for swimming

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The planet Earth is 71% water, which allows many opportunities to swim excellently.
A good vacation means almost anywhere there is water, but serious swimmers may want to go further than splashing in the shallow waters. Although it is common to plan hiking or biking, swimming guidelines are becoming popular
This will give you flexibility in timing, and you can be more efficient when traveling with others who do not share your passion for deep blue if you are ready to plan your swim.


 1. Maui, Hawaii:

The beaches of Maui are known for their warm, dense aquamarine waters, making them an obvious choice. However, for confirmed swimmers, they offer the possibility of getting the point in the list of ferries: swimming in open water, from one island to another. It is not a simple task and requires training and planning, but with careful organization, swimming alone (with safety support) or swimming with a relay is within the limits of what is possible.

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 2. US Virgin Islands:

Just east of Puerto Rico is the US Virgin Islands, the favorite cruise ship and tourist resort, as well as swimmers. With an average wealthier of 25°C, the calm waters surrounding these islands sound like sirens for swimmers of all levels. Those looking for little competition and friendship can enter Finfolk, a group of experienced swimmers organized by regular swimmers. Another option is to go for bath time, from Buck Island to Buccaneer Hotel (Annual Competition), as part of the annual 5-mile swim.

 3. Lake Bled – Slovenia:


The emerald green water of Lake Bled, surrounded by the beautiful Slovenian Alps, is a sight not to be missed. Swim in the picturesque 17th-century pilgrimage church on Bled Island, admire the breathtaking scenery, visit Bohinj Lake and cool off in the calm waters of Kazakh.

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 4. The Maldives:


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The Maldives offer swimming opportunities on the atolls and pristine beaches. Swim in one of the cleanest waters in the world and discover the incredible peaks, eagles and exotic fish that inhabit this beautiful place. The blue skies, the crystal clear sea and the enchanting group of corals and marine life of Vaavuu and the small atolimas of the south make it a peaceful haven and reinforce the Maldives’ reputation as a world-famous paradise island.

 5. Montenegro Fjords – Montenegro:

Montenegro offers a truly unique bathing experience surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. Swim to the impressive Skadar Lake towards the Albanian border, explore hidden bays, tranquil bays, and beautiful shores and enjoy the best view of Montenegro. With the high mountains that rush fjords, lakes, and sea from this region, this is a unique opportunity to experience the incredible natural beauty of the picturesque and historic corner of the European continent.

 6.  Tenerife – Volcanic Coast:

The Vulcan coast of Tenerife offers a unique bathing experience, with black sand beaches and deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. At the training center in Tenerife, you can spend your holidays here to improve and perfect your swimming skills through the analysis of professional techniques and training using the latest hydrodynamic emanations. After practice, enjoy the sun and the magnificent cliffs or stroll through the famous Masca Gorge.

 7. Oman Fjords – Oman:

The Musandam Peninsula combines spectacular red rocks and turquoise waters for a truly epic swim. Discover a safe and secluded natural environment and soak up breathtaking views while swimming with the friendly local dolphins! If adventure baths, hot water, and incredible looks seem to be your ideal swimming experience, the Oman fairies can be for you!

 8.  The Baja Peninsula – Mexico:

The Baja Peninsula is home to peaceful beaches and diverse marine life in the protected natural beauty area preserved by UNESCO. The spectacular cliffs and the hidden coves make swimming in Baja California a real pleasure to discover. For a week, I saw you swim between sea lions, multicolored fish, turtles and occasional whale sharks in the clean, warm water of about 27 degrees!

 9.  Ibo Island, Mozambique:

For swimmers who also aspire to real adventure, Ibo Island is a unique destination. This small island of the Quirimbas archipelago, called “lost world,” flows into the Indian Ocean from the east coast of the island. It was a dynamic stage on the commercial spice route.

Today, residents are only a few thousand; historical ruins dominate the architecture and, thanks to its remote location, Ibo waters, corals and marine life are pristine. There is no guide to swimming here; it’s wild west experiences. One of the few places to stay on the island, Ibo Island Lodge, can help you organize excursions or make recommendations to swimmers. This is the choice of reach for swimmers looking for a unique, virgin, ruleless experience in the Indian Ocean.

10 Cayo Coco, Cuba:

Cayo Coco is connected to the Cuban territory by a track of 17 km and is a real paradise for swimmers. More than seven acres of pristine white sand beaches offer swimmers of all levels the entrance to the natural pool. Protected by high ridges, the water is warm and shallow, making them safe for those who want to hone their swimming skills or test their abilities from a distance. The distance between Cayo Coco and Havana, about six hours by car, means that the waters are less loaded. You are more likely to be overwhelmed by the birds (including flamingos) of other tourists here.

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