Top ten cities of honeymoon

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“The first 30 days after weeds, when there is only satisfaction and satisfaction”; Originally, do not mention the one-month period, but compare the mutual affection of newborns with a changing moon that was not before filling began to diminish; Now, usually, holidays that have spent a couple together before they are settled in their apartment. Today, the honeymoon makes sense, but sometimes it relates to the inevitable weakening of love as the moon. Another practical source of this concept comes from the early days of the honey queen’s life. Immediately after birth in the hive, the mother leaves the hive for several days to meet several uncrewed aerial vehicles in separate areas. She is fertilized with sperm life and then returns to the colony to stay there all her life, laying eggs. The queen usually heads for the “honeymoon” and comes back, ready to live the rest of her life. Hundreds of apicultural practices could have led to another folklore related to this “departure” before the beginning of life in the hive (at home). It is likely that the honeymoon is your first real chance to spend quality time with your spouse. The trip must be relaxing and also adapts to your desires, your needs, and your style as a couple. In addition to the above, include all your favorite things on a trip that can overwhelm or take the time you spend enjoying each other’s company. When booking your honeymoon, think about your list of containers (the honeymoon is the best excuse to invest in a trip you would never see otherwise), the goals of your vacation (rest in the pool and the best time to visit dream destinations). Remember that an off-season trip can save you money, but it can be unpredictable. The last thing you would want to do is spend the most significant part of your trip in adverse weather conditions. or discover that most site visits are mandatory only in high season.


1. Greece;
Without a doubt, Greece is its authentic place for Honeymoon for the smallest and least known islands. Take Folegandros, which sleeps quietly, at the spectacular bottom of black cliffs and white sand beaches; This is the perfect place to relax. Leave your luggage at the Anem Hotel, where the surrounding gardens offer sensory overload(in a good way.
2. Colombia;
It’s very sublime glamping, where you can spend days exploring horses, driving a 4×4, watching birds and even helping out in the herd of cattle. Corocora is perfect for an adventurous couple who want something different but not a commitment
3. Puglia, Italy;
Puglia has Some of the best dishes in the area, try the elegant Lido Bosco Verde overlooking a shady olive grove. Here, homemade products are rich in pasta and legions of excellent Mediterranean options. Puglia has some of the best beaches, so take the time to explore them all. Expert Opinion: When the beaches are full, locals go to the many terraces of the city to relax.
4. Western Norway;
If you are a sandwich in the dust, rent a private yacht to ski in the mountains so remote that you can only access it by the sea. Like any letter, be sure to book in advance; Availability is always limited, and the best guides and boats are booked quickly. It’s also the perfect time to wear the northern lights together in comfortable sweatshirts in a single environment surrounded by beautiful glaciers with a bottle of champagne.
5. Rome;
Take the time to leave overwhelmed by the omnipresent history of Rome and all those who preceded it, the life of honey. You will understand why, once you walk in the quiet streets, walk in the shade of sensitive lights and stop in the open cafe for wine and pasta
6. Barcelona, Spain;
You fall in love with Barcelona. Take Gaud architecture wherever you go; then round a row of twisting stone streets in the Gothic Quarter; Then taste the latest Catalan flavor; and, finally, stay in large, well-maintained parks.
7. New York City;
Take a minute to think about your quiet pleasure: Central Park, Broadway, Michelin-starred restaurants, classic hotels, and more neighborhood and local vibe the fourth kilometer than anywhere else in the world.
8. Cape Town;
Observe this coastal metropolis with peaks of Table Mountain or Lion’s Head, just a few miles from the blue ocean, and you will find little reason to deny why they are the five most romantic cities within the world.
9. Paris;
Whether it’s the only destination or the jump on the Provence or Normandy, you will discover the true meaning of romance by entering the City of Light. With its wide boulevards, world-class museums, historical ladies’ hotels, small burgers and couples, Parisian love is undeniable.
10. The British Virgin Islands;
Young people who dream of spending their days in the water and their evenings in a first-class hotel should consider celebrating a wedding in the British Virgin Island. It is a collection of islands housing private resorts, where the duo can be comfortably placed in a suspended network and sip cocktails on the beach.

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